Council Gleanings for March 2017

SAUC Council met for its regular gathering on Wednesday, 15 March. Ordained minister Gary Gaudin chaired the meeting. Here are the highlights.

 As this was the first meeting following our Annual Congregational Meeting, we invested a few minutes reviewing the Minutes of the ACM, while that gathering was still relatively fresh in our memories. After a review of the Duty Roster for our Council meeting for the next year, we reviewed the resignation of John Eldridge as our chairperson, expressing our universal regret, and agreed that we would rotate the Council Chair role among the Committee chairs until further notice. We also reviewed the motion adopted at our February 15 gathering around our Social Media Presence, and opted to keep it in place until such time as we could fold it into a more complete understanding of SAUC’s place on the www. We are open to inviting an extra-Council speaker to educate us.

 Council members Tammy Hughes and Vicki Warfield have committed to attend a workshop on amalgamation hosted by BC Conference on April 8. All other Council members were invited to consider registering for the event also. All who participate from our community of faith will be asked to offer a report to Council.

Trustees will review the cost of placing signs reminding those who come onto our property that this is private property.

 Council was reminded of the request from 1st United that SAUC provide sanctuary to a Guatemalan family of five. We have asked the Rev. Carmen Lansdowne (Director of 1st United) to put us in touch with someone who can walk us through the ins-and-outs of the Sanctuary process, as there are a great many questions which need to be addressed before we can possibly say “yes.” If we are able to arrange a speaker, Council would like to schedule a time for the session which enables congregational participation.

 Jo Ann (Outreach) reported that two members of one of our Refugee families have been called in for the medical examination which is a necessary part of the process, indicating that some progress is being made.

 Vicki (Trustees) reported that the repairs occasioned by a car’s encounter with the exterior wall to Diane Tolman’s office will be completed in the near future.

 Olwen (M&P) reported on the successful conclusion of our search for a new Office Administrator. Jacqueline Chan’s first day in the office will be March 28th, and she will be mentored in her role by Dawna English. The congregation will be notified by email. SAUC’s Rental Committee (Jeff Tolman, Gordon Powell, Vicki Warfield and Dawna English) will work closely with Jacqueline. Our Rental Agreement with The Russian Language School was discussed.

 As highlighted at our ACM, SAUC’s Window Shopping fundraiser has been launched!

 It was agreed that, with a two-year window of opportunity in preparation for Gary’s retirement, Council would like to embark on a series of conversations/discussions about the future of the congregation as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for further notice.

Feel free to speak with any Council member about the meeting.