Council Gleanings for February 2017

At its regular gathering on February 15th, SAUC Council addressed a tightly focussed and yet jam-packed Agenda.

 Our first major discussion revolved around our Social Media Presence, primarily our Facebook page at this point, but with the possibility of expanding to other platforms. Two realities made this an important and timely discussion for us as a household: (1) the decision of Chris Astill, our Facebook Administrator as well as our Office Co-Ordinator, to move to Kelowna at the end of January; and (2) the fact that we are not expecting our new Office Co-Ordinator to take on the role. We decided that the ministry of our Social Media Presence needs to be supported by being folded into our Christian Development Terms of Reference, and that we would like to name at least two members of our household as co-Administrators, with one assuming the primary role and the other being available to step into the role as necessary. We are hopeful that Chris Astill will be able to turn over the Facebook Administration function in the very near future.

 Our next major discussion revolved around our town-hall meeting (addressing the Budget and M&P matters) planned for after worship on Sunday, 19 February, to deal with the proposed SAUC 2017 Budget. Finance Chair Tammy Hughes, on holiday, joined us by telephone to walk us through a wonderful package of information laying out some of our historic trends on giving, some of the current data on PAR and envelope giving, information which will be shared with the congregation in the lead up to Sunday’s meeting. This laid the groundwork for SAUC’s Treasurer Jeff Tolman walking us through the proposed Budget in detail. With gratitude to both Tammy and Jeff, Council voted to bring this Budget to the congregation. It, too, will be shared with the congregation in the lead up to this Sunday’s post-worship meeting. It should be noted that, as this Sunday’s meeting is a Town-Hall gathering, there will be no vote taken. This will be an opportunity to ask questions, seek clarity, and ready our hearts and minds to vote during the ACM on March 5th. SAUCers are reminded that we are this year continuing the practice of folding our ACM within the act of worship.

 As the Council was very well-represented at the “Blowing Up the Church” event on 28 January, there was little discussion needed around the Remits from General Council. Ballot papers were distributed, Gary walked us through the process which gave each Council member a chance to vote on each of the Remits. As the meeting was running a bit long, the ballots were entrusted to Dawna and Gary for tallying on Thursday. All the Remits passed. Our results will be forwarded to General Council in the near future.

 Brief Reports were received, with thanks, from M&P, Nominating and SAUC’s Trustees. A discussion about Gary’s retirement plans was deferred until the March Council meeting.

 Members of the SAUC family are invited to speak with any member of the Council about any of the above.